MTD Group’s Structure Catalog

MTD Group is a construction company with three major departments; Design and execution of concrete structures, installation services, and interior design. MTD's Board of Directors, in honor of its company's 10th establishment anniversary, decided to showcase its portfolio as a collection of three catalogs in one elegant package. Each catalog is supposed to dedicate to one of three departments and introduce the capability of it. The main theme for all catalogs has to be uniform, but each catalog must have different details based on its modality. For the main uniform theme, I give two opposite pages to each project, design four different photo grids that have been frequent, and change all photos to black and white and create a minimal project information table. The first catalog of this collection is "Structure," which belongs to the design and execution concrete structures department. Unfortunately, in its early years, this department didn't hire professional photographers, and most pictures have bad quality and were taken by cheap mobile cameras without any lighting equipment. I put a lot of energy to pick up the right photos for each project and retouch them to look decent. I try to find Similar elements in photos and put them together to make each page eye-catching as much as possible.


Modern Technology Development Group


Graphic Design, Retouching Image, Layout

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