4 Articles by Mohsen Naamjoo

Mohsen Namjoo is a singer, songwriter, music scholar, and Setar (traditional Persian lute) player who is considered a visionary artist who speaks for the youth in Iran. "4 Articles" is his Second Book published by "Utopiran Naakojaa" Publishing House in Paris in 2018. The Book, according to its name, is a collection of four articles. Each article has been written at different times, but all of them have one thing in common: Namjoo's critical point of view on Persian Folk music and the universe. I'm in charge of the "4 Articles" layout design, and the book will be available in hard copy and E-book. So I pay extra attention to interior book design, such as typesetting (font, type size, space between the lines, and hyphens that break the lines) and layout (margins, columns, diagrams, and pictures) to give readers enjoyable experiment.


Utopiran Naakojaa Publishing House | Paris


Layout Design, Graphic Design

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